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What sets apart this property is a generous set of topnotch facilities and amenities that you and your love ones would surely enjoy. 

What the PHirst PARK HOMES Lipa offers in terms of facilities and amenities embody all the 4Cs they have in this project and the rest of their developments  -  that is, Complete, Conceptive, Connected and Convenient. 

When you make the entrance to this community – you will see a perimeter fence and gate and not to mention, the other quality finishes of the units and expandable layouts. This property is  conceptive as they uniquely offer a “home-in-a-park” experience. Residents – singles, couples or families have all the opportunities everyday to do and enjoy various fitness, health, leisure and community bonding activities. Of course, all homeowners will be forever connected to  life’s essentials as they have free WIFI areas.  There’s absolutely easy access to modern life’s conveniences. 

For one, this community has a Clubhouse where you can mingle and interact with  neighbors and friends. Do some catch ups here and surely these will be great bonding moments to share.  If you want to have intimate gatherings ---  celebrate special occasions and milestones  like birthdays, baptismal showers, graduations, moving-ups, promotions or  yes, mini-reunions. 

The swimming pool is something to watch out for – there’s a main pool and a kiddie pool where both the young ones at heart and the kids can  have fun with. There is also an interesting WaterPlay facilities nearby so children of all ages can frolic with the water to their hearts’ content.  You need not worry about changing clothes since there’s a shower room for that. No need to go back and forth in your unit. 

For the male members of the household, a basketball court is waiting for you. Form your teams with families and neighbors as you play friendly competitive games. Practice and plan your tournaments, perhaps on weekends so everybody can cheer you on. Remember that as you play with your teams – you instill various positive values as sportsmanship, team camaraderie, teamwork, focus and dedication to show everyone that these fun games are great bonding times, too. 

Other amenities to keep the residents active and healthy will be different lanes such as  those for hiking (TREK Lane), for biking (PEDAL Lane) and for jogging (TRACK Lane). 

The best part is perhaps the very unusual yet interesting feature here  - the Outdoor Cinema.  This is perhaps, the first and only property offering this amenity, if not one of the few in the country today. Pretty cool, ‘right? Imagine watching a romantic, action or horror movie under the stars with your love ones? What an awesome way to spend the lazy weekend nights right In your own neighborhood. 

For the kids and the tots who want to play all day long, fret not parents. A playground area is what you need to keep these kiddos happy. Parents need not worry since the children can play to all their hearts’ content within the safety confines of their own homes. An ideal place to make fun of themselves – it ensures that the children will enjoy and have a great time. 

Other central amenities to look forward to are: a WIFI areas, a place that your millennial and Gen-X children an look forward to.  There’s also a parking area and a drop-off point that residents and guests alike can both benefit from. 

Other than mentioned, what are the other amenities in this neighborhood to look forward to? A lot more like the linear park and the several pods that represent the various creative and homegrown favorite Filipino games of all time, such as the Hop Pod or for Piko, Base Pod for Patintero, Maze Pod for Taguan,  Treble Pod  for Tumbang Preso and  Marble Pod for Holen. Wow! Imagine the group having thought of all these local games loved by many generations – it’s about time the younger generations and those to come can learn to play these, too. I’m sure most residents, young and old alike will have exciting bonding times playing these Filipino games. 

Last but not the least, that there is a Village Shuttle to transport terminals. Shuttle is free-of-charge within the neighborhood and with reasonable costs for going out  to  the city’s transport hubs.

  • Clubhouse
  • Linear Park
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Play Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Base Pod
  • Hop Pod
  • Marble Pod
  • Treble Pod
  • Maze Pod
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